Bataclan: Keep Making Art

I do not use social media to post about current events, but I thought this was important and needed to be said. Read this if you will.

I feel deeply upset by the attacks in Paris, as a human, a fan of Eagles Of Death Metal, and as a musician. I think what makes the attack at the Bataclan most heinous is that they meant to hurt us where we are most unified, at a concert. Very unlike the attackers, music has no doctrine. In turning such a pure place into a nightmare, they have committed, in my mind, a sin on holy ground. There are 120 people dead in France, some of them Americans. How are we to respond to this? There are political answers I have that do not belong in this post. I will say that my first reactions were disgust, helplessness, anger. These emotions are good, it's good to feel something, but it ultimately doesn't mean anything just to feel. That's why I'm an artist. In war and in violence people as well as art seem to be reoccurring casualties. How are we supposed to enjoy a concert if we're looking for the gunmen? Make art; that is my answer. Enjoy the concert, not to spite anyone who would have it otherwise, but (to take a notion from John Cage) because art is a "celebration of life." I can think of no greater way to fight violence than by celebrating life. Be smart, keep yourself informed about world events and take care of each other. Don't let our world be defined by antagonists.

-Michael Moroni


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