5/18 The Fear RELEASE

The past four years, VIRETTA has been slow-churning their brand new record like an oyster with a big black pearl. Or like ice cream. THE FEAR doesn’t ask what you’re afraid of, it tells you to be afraid. Why? Because VIRETTA has been afraid, for longer than 4 years, and now we’re going to show you why.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so it’s hard to imagine where the twelve songs on THE FEAR fell from. Opener “Fear at 17” is the answer and the question, leaving you to wonder…”yes?”, while the apocalyptic “Cordyceps” gives you a definitive “no”.  Too bad they’re both wrong when three songs down, you’re caught in the glittering melancholy web of “Lachrymal”.  You could either snap your fingers or snap your back on the 10-minute monster “Snap the Branches”, fall into a rabbit hole of lullabies on the venomous “You Are My IV”, or get your freak on with the modestly titled, “How to Wield the Knife.”

In the end, THE FEAR isn’t a manifesto. It’s a labyrinth. A scatterplot, where “x” is “yes” and “y” is “hide” and after all the lies are told, you’ll think that there may be be nothing left at the exit. There may not even be an exit. Just you and us and the monsters we tried to warn you about. Don’t worry friends, there’s always a way out. Follow us and hold on tight. We know this maze well.

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