Viretta is a four-piece alternative rock band from Parker Colorado, founded by twin brothers Michael and Robert Moroni. The band has made an art out of giving local and national acts alike a run for their money, playing powerful shows all over Denver's biggest venues. With releases that include 2013's Imaginary Pictures release, the single "All I Have," recorded by Isaac Slade of Denver's The Fray, and album art-work from Colin Frangicetto of Circa Survive for 2012's "Sanctuary EP," the group boasts an impressive musical catalog. And with one mission to push hard-hitting, heart-pounding rock music back into the public eye, Viretta is ready to take on all comers. Whether it's up-tempo molten hot riff-rock that leaves you begging for more, or intricate melodies with smooth, contemplative guitar-work, everyone's going home happy. You'll thank us later.